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Often, in practice, you need to insert page numbers from a particular page. This option in Microsoft Word is not straightforward, we need to split the document into two parts by using the sections.

Each document already contains at least one section, so we need to insert another section to split the document into two independent parts. For the first part of the document (section), we do not use the page numbering (respectively we "turn off" page numbering), and for the second part of the document we leave the numbering.

Notice: By creating sections, also the orientation of the page in portrait orientation for a certain number of pages can be achieved, for a different landscape one.

We'll start by entering the page numbering into the entire (already created) document through the Insert > Page Number > Bottom of page and selecting the appropriate format (e.g. Plaing Number 3 to insert the page in the bottom of right corner).

Let's say we need to number the document from page number 7. We move to the end of the text of the previous page (page 6), where we click to confirm the placement of the cursor in the text. In the Layout tab choose Breaks > Next Page.

page numbering from specific page in microsoft word 01

In this moment, the document is divided into two independent sections. The information that we have the next inserted section tell us the Show/Hide command on the Home tab. It displays all formatting marks or whitespace characters such as spaces, tabs, section endings, and so on.

page numbering from specific page in microsoft word 02

In the text we will see a white character called Section Break (Next Page). You can delete it at any time just like regular text, for example, using the Delete key.


page numbering from specific page in microsoft word 04

Further information can be provided by Word by displaying the section number in the status bar. This is not displayed by default, so right-click on the status bar and click on the Section.

page numbering from specific page in microsoft word 03

Note: The option to display the section number remains in Word when the next document is opened.

On the bottom left, we'll see where we are. Next, we need to achieve the numbering independence found in the document's foot. We need to do this on either side of section 2, for example on page 7. We do the easiest way to edit the footpad 2x by clicking anywhere in its place, such as numbering. Note that in the heel, along with the "stickers" number, we find the First Page Footer -Section 2- on the left and the Same as previous on the right side. At the same time, Word has released another tab named Design that contains all commands related to header and footer editing.

page numbering from specific page in microsoft word 05

Therefore, go to the Design tab and disable the Link to Previous command. We have achieved that the footer content will not depend on the footent content of the previous section.

If we go to any part of the first section, we will notice that the numbering in the footer has remained. It is enough to delete the number (as well as remove any text) and thus the numbering disappears on all sides of that (first) section.

You can download a test document by clicking here.

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