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microsoft excel for beginners coverThe free book Microsoft Excel 2019 for beginners focuses on practices suitable for users wishing to “brush up” on the basics of Excel.

The steps outlined in this book (unless otherwise mentioned) also apply to Excel 2007, 2010, 2013, 2016 and 365, and come from the author's many years as a certified Microsoft Office Excel® Expert instructing at both smaller firms and at larger, transnational companies. 

For beginners you find:
Important introductory terms
Description of the Microsoft Excel 2019 environment
Entering data into a worksheet
Entering numerical and test data
Insert a simple formula
Inserting a function
Inserting a simple function
Calculations in the status bar
Cursor types in Excel
Working with data and sheets
Formatting data
Changing the appearance of cell contents
Formatting numbers
Formatting columns, rows and sheets
Copying data
Pasting data
Automatic copying and filling of data
Absolute reference – working with a constant
Moving data
Adding a column and row
Deleting a column and row
Inserting, deleting, renaming and changing the color of a sheet
Locking rows and columns in a table (Freeze Panes)
Printing recurring titles
Inserting headers and footers, page numbering
Data filter
Searching for data
Replacing data

Reading this book below or download here. Examples for this book download here.

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About Jan Zitniak

Jan ZitniakFor over 11 years Jan Zitniak has been a professional instructor concentrating on Microsoft Office. He holds an international Microsoft Excel – Office Excel ® 2010 Expert certificate and has written several books discussing Microsoft Office.

obalka microsoft excel for intermediates

I'm author of books Microsoft Excel 2019 for intermediates, Microsoft Excel 2019 for beginners (for free, download here), Microsoft Outlook 2013 Jednoduše (translated to czech language), Microsoft Office 2016 Podrobná uživatelská příručka (translated to czech language).

The information mentioned in the books comes from practical experience he obtained at such large companies as T-Systems, BSH Bosch and Siemens, Veolia, Magneti Marelli, Coavis, National Bank of Slovakia and many others.

If you like my website you can support me by buying my book on Amazon clicking here.

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